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Daniel Jones

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Duke University 2018 | New York Giants | Quarterback

"The pad helped me play confidently, and I wouldn't have been comfortable returning to the game without it."


In 2018, Duke QB Daniel Jones returned to the field just 3 weeks after suffering a clavicle fracture. His quick comeback was partly thanks to his teammates in the engineering school who created a custom 3D printed pad. This was the start of Protect3d’s story, where innovative design, solution discovery, and working in a time sensitive manner resulted in the perfect device for the star quarterback to return safely.

Duke’s Head Football Athletic Trainer, Kyle Beatty recalls “They [the Protect3d team] brought the idea to us... they can make a customized pad for [Daniel] that was lighter, stiffer, and stronger than what we might be able to make in the training room and then everything took off from there.”

After seeing Daniel play with such confidence and poise wearing the device, Protect3d’s team knew this technology could have the same impact for other athletes.

Now two years later with a streamlined process to make custom devices in a matter of days, Kyle Beatty, Duke’s Head FB Athletic Trainer, commented that “The process of scanning is easier now.. An app on an iPad is super convenient, and we can do it in the training room and get in touch with them later on.”

“We have players who wear the device after the acute phase of injury is done just because they like the idea of the personalized protection and the way it fits.don’t affect them [the athletes] and they don’t think about it [while playing]… Which is great! That’s exactly what we want.”

“We don’t want them to wear the device for a week, we want them to buy into it and feel confident in it. That is the whole goal.”

“Kevin, Clark, and Tim not only played the game well, but combined their skills with the world of technology to impact somebody else’s career. They are the epitome of great teammates. And there’s not a better compliment I can give.”

-David Cutcliffe, HC Duke Football

Check out the video below! Duke Football did an indepth look into bringing this original product to life where Coach Cutcliffe voiced his approval for his quarterback’s game.

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