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Kody Russey

University of Houston | Offensive Line

"Perfect thickness, perfect stability. I feel PROTECT3D, and I don't realize I'm wearing anything."

In football, playing on the offensive line feels like trench warfare. Five of the most trusted teammates lined up side-by-side, with the mission to protect their quarterback at all costs and clear the way for the offense to move up the field.

Kody Russey, current starting Center for the University of Houston Cougars, is no stranger to this job description. Currently a graduate transfer student and formerly a star at Louisiana Tech University, Russey has quite a bit of experience leading teams from the trenches, and he knows as well as anybody how important it is to be properly equipped for battle.

Through the years, he has seen numerous rolls of tape, hand-made splints, and generic braces both for his own needs and for his partners on the line. In his experience, however, these traditional solutions never seemed to get the job done.

“Previous splints were hard plastic, heated up, and formed to your hand. They’re tough, uncomfortable, and not great solutions overall.”

Jamming his thumb regularly from punches and blocks and poor experiences with existing protective gear left Russey excited to try a new, cutting-edge alternative. When his athletic training staff started using PROTECT3D’s technology and products, he was able to get exactly what he needed.

“I wanted a smaller splint on my snapping hand just to cover my thumb, and a larger one on my other hand to have the most protection I could.”

After the first time using his custom 3D-printed splints, Russey was hooked.

“There’s no way to make them better. They’re the perfect thickness and offer perfect stability. ”

Wearing thumb guards also reduced the amount of hand and wrist taping Russey had to get on a daily basis. This saves valuable time for both him and the athletic training staff.

“I like how comfortable they are the most. I forget that I am wearing anything extra, and I haven’t jammed a thumb since. I wear them for every padded practice and every game.”

Russey knows how valuable bespoke protection is for himself, but he also understands how the technology can benefit teams and players everywhere.

Every team should use PROTECT3D. It’s a great solution for the hands and wrists of offensive linemen and for specific injuries that need to be protected without restricting motion, like an AC joint separation.”

With aspirations to make it to the next level and play in the NFL, Kody Russey is committed to doing everything he can to prolong his career and continue battling in the trenches for a long time.

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