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How the PROTECT3D AFO Brought a Duke Soccer Player Back to the Field.

Sebastian Docters, a Midfielder for the Duke Men's Soccer team suffering from Foot Drop, returns to play with a custom-designed dynamic Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO).

With the PROTECT3D AFO, Docters could work through his natural gait progressions and play confidently - maintaining the precise ball control and lateral quickness on defense needed to compete at this level

Other AFOs had severely restricted Docters' natural movement and forced him to wear tennis shoes instead of soccer cleats during training.

Foot Drop is described as an inability to lift the forefoot due to the weakness of dorsiflexors of the foot. This, in turn, can lead to an unsafe antalgic gait, potentially resulting in falls.

The PROTECT3D AFO supports dorsiflexion like most AFOs, but that's just the beginning. The device provides unparalleled dynamic energy response, facilitates natural gait patterns due to the precision 3D scanning process, and supports comfortable wear with any shoe type with its custom, low-profile fit.

PROTECT3D strives to help patients return to their highest quality of life, whether that's Division I soccer or just going for a comfortable walk around the neighborhood.

Do you know somebody suffering from Foot Drop? Reach out today, we'd love to help them Compete Without Limits!

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