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Koby Quansah

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Duke University 2019 | Linebacker

"Light, molded perfectly to my body."


Koby Quansah is the fierce linebacker making game-changing tackles from sideline to sideline. The 2019 Duke Senior Captain and leader on the defense had a breakout year which propelled his shot at making his NFL dreams become reality. But, Koby knew that it isn’t always an easy road to the top. While diving for a tackle in the 3rd game of the season, Koby separated his Acromioclavicular (AC) Joint, a common shoulder injury in football.

To get him back on the field quickly and safely, Koby was originally given a traditional hand-molded pad to keep the pressure off of the sensitive area. He was able to practice through the pain, but felt that this device “was bulky and even more uncomfortable than the injury itself”.

That’s when Protect3d stepped in.

Protect3d’s team scanned Quansah’s torso and worked alongside the Duke Football Athletic Trainers to create the perfect solution. The end result was a custom AC Joint Pad that Koby says was “light, molded perfectly to my body, and felt like I wasn’t wearing anything”.

Commenting on Protect3d’s 48 hour turnaround time, Yugi Katsuta noted that “[the Protect3d Team] played football so they know we need it tomorrow. They will get it done. That is the biggest advantage of the company”

Quansah wore the AC Joint Pad in the next game against Virginia Tech where his “confidence was much higher…I didn’t think about the injury or the device at all while playing”. This confidence clearly showed as Koby earned ACC Linebacker of the Week with a game-high 13 tackles and a fumble recovery which set up Duke’s first touchdown, swaying the momentum of the game. The device’s durability allowed Quansah to wear the AC Joint pad for the remaining 9 games of the season and for the post-season NFLPA Collegiate Bowl, where he performed among the best in college football in front of NFL scouts.

Kyle Beatty, Duke’s Head Football Athletic Trainer, commented, “we have players who wear the device after the acute phase of the injury is finished because they like the idea of personalized protection and the way it fits, it’s comfortable.”

On top of being a stellar athlete, Koby was named to the 2019 Allstate American Football Coaches Association Good Works Team. This is an honor only presented to 22 college football players for their off-field service. Duke Football’s Head Coach David Cutcliffe comments on this honor by saying that “Koby understands that giving back is the most important thing—he’s quick to help any of his teammates, quick to help anybody. … He’s definitely made Duke football better. He’s made our university better. He’s made our community better.” After graduating from Duke with a degree in Psychology, Koby continues to train in hopes of reaching the NFL.

Protect3d is committed to helping athletes like Quansah, so they can Compete Without Limits. When he reflects on how Protect3d affected his performance this season, Quansah told us “it makes all the difference to use something perfectly tailored to me so that I can perform at my best when the lights come on and the whistle blows. There is no better proof of how Protect3d impacted my season.”

In the 2019 season, Protect3d perfected the design for an anatomically-precise AC Joint Pad that allows full range of motion and produced the device for numerous athletes across D-1 football and lacrosse programs. The now patent-pending product is part of our wide-ranging portfolio. Contact Protect3d to learn more.

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